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AstralisDENT is a dental centre created out of love for people and medical art

Our mission is to contribute to increasing the level of population’s health by providing professional dental health services to our patients.

Continuous development of skills and abilities of our professional team is the basis of our vision for the development of dental services, which means:

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Our Services

We are a team of professionals. We have practical skills and abilities that we urge you to discover with confidence.

Consultation starts with a digitized, accurate and safe diagnosis. For this we use radiovisiograph and/or orthopantomograph. We assess the tooth structure, the value and volume of defects, we identify possible locations of inflammation, sinus problems, bone loss, included teeth, etc.

Consultation and computerized diagnosis (X-ray, orthopantomography)

It is a procedure for preventing caries and periodontal disease, but also an aesthetic one. We use ultrasound and AirFlow, separately and in combination, to gently remove dental calculus that cannot be completely removed under home dental hygiene.

Calculus removal (ultrasonic, AirFlow)

Gradual bleaching is a comfortable and safe method, lasting for several days, using a controlled concentration of peroxide, without jeopardizing the enamel, teeth sensitivity and gums discomfort.

Teeth whitening ("Opalescence")

Dental caries affects the aesthetics and masticatory system. Cases of advanced tooth tissue degradation can lead to severe infections of gums and bone beneath them, with serious repercussions on tooth loss and on entire tooth-face complex. Treatment of caries and its complications means restoration of lost tooth’ functionality.

Treatment of dental caries and its complications

We use various constructions and mobile or fixed orthopedic devices. The therapeutic indications are the basis of the dental prostheses solutions that we apply: veneers, metalloceramic or ceramic crowns without metal support, bridges, skeletal prostheses on arches, mobile prostheses, prostheses on dental implants.


The treatment of periodontal disease depends directly on motivation to preserve the natural teeth. We shall initiate, by careful evaluation, based on valuable investigations, the diagnosis. We shall continue the therapeutic and hygienic treatment to stop the evolution of periodontal disease. We shall work only in close collaboration and communication.

Skeletal prostheses on arches, mobile prostheses, prostheses on dental implants.

If your teeth are perfectly healthy, you can fully enjoy the products of decorative dentistry for a bright smile. With the help of a fluid composite, that does not cause enamel damage, we install small modern dental jewel. Installing and removing dental decorations does not harm the dental structures.x

Decorative dental beautification

Straightening the crooked teeth, the incorrect positioning on the maxillary arches or correcting the wrong bite (occlusion) are the orthodontic services that we provide with care for children and adults. We use fixed orthodontic appliances made of metal, ceramic and sapphire. Since orthodontics is the basis for other dental treatments, dental appliances are much more than "fashionable".


We offer dental surgical treatments for both children and adults: tooth extractions, extractions of wisdom teeth, apical and complicated resections, cysts resection, etc. The implant solutions offered by us are the moist cost-effective. We practice bone augmentation techniques.

Surgical treatment and implantology (Bredent, Alpha Bio)

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We are a team of professionals. We have practical skills and abilities that we urge you to discover with confidence.


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